Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What to Do if You Have a Water Leak

It’s easy to ignore a leak if it’s small. But even small ones can become worse, potentially causing damage to your home and belongings. It’s good to know what to do if you have a water leak to minimize problems.

1.    Shut the Water Off

The first thing you’ll want to do is shut the water to the affected area. If you can’t find the proper valve, shut the main water valve off.

2.    Check for Electricity

If the leak is near an electrical outlet, shut off the electricity as well. Even if you’ve stopped the leak, there may already be water in the wiring. You will want to have an electrician check that out once the plumbing situation is sorted out.

3.    Call Your Plumber

Now that the immediate problem has been stopped, you can call a plumber to determine what needs to be done to stop the leak. While you’re waiting, you can start drying up the area with towels and mops. If you have access to electricity, you can also use fans.

Don’t worry that your leak is too small to call a plumber. It’s better to err on the safe side in protecting your home. For more information about a plumbing company in Chapel Hill, you can visit this website.

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