Thursday, 22 September 2016

3 Reasons to Have Septic Tank Inspections

You might not think much about your septic tank. It runs silently in the background — or rather, underground — to take care of your family’s waste water. Without regular inspections, however, you won’t know about any major problems building up inside your system until it’s too late. If you’ve accidentally allowed grease, food solids or other materials into your drains or exiting water, this is especially true. So, consider these three major reasons you need to maintain a routine inspection regimen.

•    Solids buildup: Even if you’re very careful about what you allow down your drains or in your waste water, some solids will still exit your home and end up in your septic tank. These form a sludge layer at the bottom that must be periodically removed.

•    Prevent costly repairs: An inspection permits you to detect potential problems sooner rather than later, and correct them before they get worse.

•    Determine a pumping schedule: Depending on your household’s volume, septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years. An inspection helps determine when this needs to be done for your system.

In most cases, your septic tank should be inspected once per year. However, your septic maintenance professionals can recommend the most optimal schedule for you. Visit this website to learn more about septic inspections in Santa Cruz.

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