Wednesday, 14 September 2016

5 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Need Repair

Your garbage disposal conveniently lets you dispose of peels and other food waste. Unfortunately, if it experiences certain problems, your garbage disposal may need to be repaired.

1.    Water Draining Slowly

If you are noticing the water in the sink is draining slowly, this may be due to food particles being stuck in the disposal, thereby impeding the movement of the water. Standing water can be inconvenient and dangerous.

2.    Bad Odor

Instead of breaking apart the food, so it can be disposed down the drain, a broken garbage disposal may leave the food stuck in it. Over time, that food can rot, producing a stench in your kitchen.

3.    Leaks

A puddle of water found underneath your sink may be due to your garbage disposal leaking. Since this water is often dirty, it can be dangerous, damaging various items and even attracting unwanted pests and bacteria.

4.    Strange Noises

While it is common for your garbage disposal to make a loud noise as it breaks down the food, it shouldn’t be making grinding noises that sounds like metal is clashing against metal. This might mean that the part that cuts the food into little pieces is not working properly.

5.    It Doesn’t Turn On

There might be a problem with your garbage disposal wiring, preventing it from even turning on. In this case, your garbage disposal may have burned out.

Your garbage disposal can experience problems and may need to be replaced. Please visit this website for more information on garbage disposal repair in Castroville.

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