Friday, 23 September 2016

How to Tell if You Have a Slab Leak

Sometimes, determining if you have a leak underneath your slab can be difficult, especially if you don’t quite know what signs to look for. While it’s always best to trust the professionals with repairs of these natures, there are a few key signals you can look for to determine whether calling in the cavalry is a necessary step. Some of these include:

•    A water heater that’s running more often than normal or a water meter that’s spinning faster than you’re accustomed to. These can be great indicators that your water’s escaping the pipes somewhere.

•    Warm or wet spots present on the floor. These can be due to the pooling of water beneath the slab below and resulting condensation.

•    Soft spots in the floor that might be a result of the wood rotting away due to the leak.

•    The sound of water running through pipes when no faucets or other water-using appliances are turned on.

•    New cracks located in your home’s walls or floors, which could indicate that there’s been a leak present for a long while and it’s beginning to compromise the integrity of your home’s structure.

These are just some of the most common symptoms that you may have a leak beneath your slab. To learn more about slab leak detection in San Marcos, visit this website.

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